Family Resort at Potos, Thassos
Luxury Family hotel in Thassos, Greece

Alexandra Beach Thassos Spa resort is the ultimate choice for relaxing family vacations and luxury vacations in Thassos, Greece. Providing more than a modern traveler could expect from an island holiday, this family resort at Potos Thassos has managed to perfect the art of hospitality by offering experiences that evoke all senses.

The sparkling emerald beach, the panoramic views of the Aegean sea and the verdant surrounding landscape create a setting of euphoria, an island utopia near Potos village where children and adults can relax, enjoy hands-on activities, spend quality time and fully recharge. Guests are welcome to make use of the great range of high- end facilities and services provided, enjoy the variety of amenities and experiences offered at the resort and revel in a holiday unlike any other in nature's warm embrace.

Interior design and stylish rooms of high aesthetics welcome guests to feel at home. To relax and unwind in glorious living spaces where everything has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. From the cozy and elegantly decorated rooms to the outdoor areas everything has been specially crafted to please guests of all ages and interests.

At Alexandra beach Thassos Spa Resort every guest is treated with the attention he deserves. Friends, couples, families and business travelers, all have a special place in our resort and all are invited to enjoy a holiday experience unlike any other, with choices of leisure, entertainment and activities specially designed for each taste and preference. At Alexandra beach hotel, luxury hospitality in Thassos reaches new heights and guests are welcome to experience a new state of relaxation. So, get ready to enjoy a holiday beyond comparison at one of the finest hotels in Potos, Thassos.