Explore an amazing island

Your Starting Point for your Holidays in Thassos

Alexandra Beach Hotel & Spa is located near the village of Potos on the beautiful island of Thassos, in Greece. It is an incredible place with a refreshing breeze, ideal for beach holidays with panoramic views to the Aegean Sea and the many-hued sunsets.

Thassos, is a favorable family destination amongst the Greek islands with an extensive history, ready to take you on a journey to its lacy coastline, gorgeous Thassos beaches, mountainous green landscapes dotted with traditional villages, scenic churches and monasteries, archeological sites and attractions worth discovering.

Enveloped by the authentic Greek nature, Thassos island invites guests to take a peek at the simple local life and captivate all senses with the scents and flavors of local delicacies. To be dazzled with the gracious offerings of nature. Follow the mountainous forest trails to explore Thassos in depth, visit the most popular sites and attractions in Thassos and get ready to embark on Thassos excursions that will blow your mind.