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We are proud to Welcome our new Hotel

Alexandra Elegance Bridging Generations

Teen-Friendly All-Inclusive Hotels in Thassos, Potos

Encircled by the cerulean sea in a garden of Eden, Alexandra Elegance is a 5-star hotel in Thassos satisfying the needs of teens and families wishing to spend some quality time together at one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It is the first 5-star resort in all of Greece that has been specially designed to offer teenagers all that their heart desires for the last few holidays they will be spending with their family. From revitalizing swims in the crystal-clear waters of the huge pool to fun sliding adventures, walks in the park or moments of tranquil repose in the relax water area or the jacuzzi, Alexandra Elegance welcomes you to pump up your energy levels and revive your senses. Get ready to bask in the sun on the beach, partake in water sports adventures and exciting seaside activities in nature’s warm embrace, play electronic games and enjoy hours of pure fun away from the adults in the YOUTH SHELL offering speed Wi-Fi, and enjoy a holiday to remember at the ultimate luxury hotel in Thassos. This luxury accommodation in Potos belongs to the Xenios Gate group featuring some of the best hotels in Thassos where guests can indulge with upscale comforts and world-class amenities.